★Language Exchange: Free Chinese Learning Opportunity

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* 本地(台灣)學生的報名已額滿,暫不受理報名。(97.11.12.)


Language Exchange

A platform provided for you to make friends with Taiwanese students and at the same time improve your Chinese!


 1.  When: An On-going Activity 

 2.  Where: FLAC

 3. How:

   (1) In the application form, you will have to write down your available time for the language exchange, and we will match you with a Taiwanese student according to the time you prefer.

    (2) The language exchange can be either a one-hour or a two-hour activity. Taking a two- hour activity for example, you can practice English(or your native language) with the Taiwanese student for an hour, then he/she will practice Chinese with you for the next one hour.


For now, we have received 40 applicants from the local students. If you are interested in the activity, please visit our website, download the attached application form, fill the blanks and send it back to me via e-mail.


For application, please visit our website: http://www.nchu.edu.tw/~flac/eng/news/news_le.htm 

If you have any questions, please contact Yvonne Lee

: 04-22840326 ext. 509

or email: flacnchu@gmail.com