Final Call for Papers: APSAEM2014

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Asia-Pacific Symposium on Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics

Taichung, Taiwan – July 22-25, 2014


The Asia-Pacific Symposium on Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics (APSAEM14) is the eighth symposium devoted to topics on electromagnetic phenomena, both low and high frequencies, and applications in electrical, mechanical, and communication systems. The purpose of the symposium is to exchange scientific results and to promote the friendship between the countries in Asia-Pacific region. The first symposium was held at Adelaide, Australia in (2000), the symposium then moved to Kanazawa, Japan (2002), Auckland, New Zealand (2004), Sydney, Australia (2006), Bangkok, Thailand (2008), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2010), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (2012) and Taichung, Taiwan will be the host for the eighth symposium. The symposium is one in a series of events sponsored by the Japanese Society of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics. Topics will include the following:




• Computational electromagnetics 
• Inverse problems 
• Characterization and modeling of electromagnetic materials 
• Magnetic sensors and measurement 
• Nondestructive testing 
• Applications of electromagnetic phenomena 
• Electromagnetic and electromechanical devices and systems 
• Electromagnetic actuator and applications of permanent magnet 
• Applications in power, electronics, and control systems 
• Power electronics and drive systems. 
• Electromagnetic environment and control 
• Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) 
• Applications of electromagnetic to medical treatments 
• Micro waves and antennas, terahertz applications 
• Applications in telecommunication 
• Electromagnetics and electromechanical education 
• Magnetic fluid
• Miscellaneous



Prospective authors are requested to submit a two-pages (A4 size) digest, which is a short form of the final paper, for peer reviewing. It is expected to be a condensation or summary which outlines the work to be reported and includes the results and conclusions. A template for the digest will be available at the conference website.

The full paper will be peer reviewed for publication in a special issue of Journal of the Japan Society of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics. The publication fee for a special issue of JJSAEM is ¥16,000 upto six pages per paper. To be eligible for digest book and journal publication, at least one author should register to present the paper. The format for the full paper will be available on the conference website.

The peer reviewing of the both digest and full paper will be organized by the Technical Program Committee.



Digest template 
Full paper template




15 May, 2014

10 June, 2014

: Deadline of digest submission


31 May, 2014

20 June, 2014

: Digest acceptance notification


25 June, 2014

: Early bird registration deadline


24 July, 2014

: Full paper submission deadline (for peer review of JJSAEM)


22-25 July, 2014

: APSAEM 2014 conference dates (Tue-Fri), Taichung, Taiwan





The conference is organized by the National Chung Hsing University (NCHU), Taiwan. The university established in 1919 is a comprehensive university where one can study a wide range of disciplines such as agriculture, science, engineering, literature, law and politics, business management, and the veterinary medicine. The academic goal of the university is to nurture young adults to have knowledge of both science and humanities, capability to communicate and innovate, and a global vision tempered by a consciousness of social responsibilities.