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This website is built according to the design principle of “accessible web development specification”. It provides web guide blind brick (::), website navigation (Site Navigator), keyboard shortcut key (Access Key), etc. according to the specification of accessible website design. the way.
The main block contents and quick keys (fast keys) of this website are set as follows:

  • ALT + U: The navigation link above, which lists the main links of this website
  • ALT + C: Central content block, the main content area of this page
  • ALT + S: Website Search
  • Alt + L key: inner page side menu block
  • Alt + Z: Copyright announcement and menu block at the bottom of the page

If your browser is Firefox, the shortcut keys are used by Shift + Alt + (fast key letters), for example Shift + Alt + C will jump to the central block of the page, and so on.