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Alumni Association Center was established in 1996, with an aim to solidify the friendship among alumni, assist their academic research, promote cooperation between NCHU and the industries where alumni have a presence, upgrade teaching and research work at NCHU, develop school projects and pass the torch of NCHU by living up to the motto of sincerity, integrity and diligence.
Since its inception, Alumni Association Center has been bridging NCHU andits alumni with various services, under the leadership of previous directors, including Professor Chen, Tsai-Yung, Professor Shih Chain-Ing, Professor Tsai, Ching-Piao, and Professor Tony, J. Fang.

Director of Alumni Association Center, Professor Chi, Chih-Yi , is in charge. He has two staff members who take care of daily operations. Main services are as follows.

  1. Initiations or promotions of alumni organizations with individual departments, colleges, regional organizations or industries
  2. Establishment of data file of alumni and use of such data
  3. Alumni services
  4. Correspondence with alumni organizations in Taiwan and overseas and assistance in the promotion of alumni activities
  5. Establishment of contact details of alumni
  6. Publishing of alumni magazines, such as the annual publication of “Alumni of National Chung Hsing University” and Magazines for Outstanding Alumni. Electronic newsletters issued to alumni on a monthly basis.
  7. Publicity to honor outstanding alumni
  8. Assistance in academic research for alumni
  9. Organization of networking events for alumni returning to schools and on other occasions; assistance in accommodations, conference rooms for alumni.
  10. Issuance of alumni cards, assistance in the promotion of NCHU Affinity Cards and other administration and service issues
  11. Fund raising to assist the planning and implementations of school projects
  12. Filing of donations and use of donations
  13. Assistance in establishing cooperation with industries where NCHU alumni have a presence
  14. Establishment and management of alumni centers, fund raising to establish similar buildings and facilities

Any feedbacks from alumni are welcome. This will help us to better our alumni services.

Location: Fourth floor, Administration Hall
Opening Hours: 8:00~17:00
Telephone: 886-4-2284-0221;886-4-2284-0249
Fax: 886-4-2285-4119