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Art Exhibitions

Art Center was established by NCHU with the permission from the Ministry of Education in response to the government’s call for balance development of education in liberal arts and technology. The preparations started in the winter of 1985 and Art Center was formally established on 25th February 1988. It is the first university art center, with a largest collection of work from both Taiwanese and foreign artists.

Over the years, Art Center has made significant contributions to promote arts and cultural events on the campus. In addition to regular organizations of art exhibitions,performances, art speeches and practical work and assistance to beautify the campus, Art Center also accepts donations from artists in Taiwan and overseas. Only those pieces deemed as top work by scholars and experts at NCHU or other institutions can be part of Art Center’s collections.
Currently, there are a total of 12 categories, i.e. calligraphy, seal cutting, Chinese paintings, oil on paper, watercolor, block prints, photography, sculpture, paper craft, the gouache, bamboo arts and ink-stone . Nearly 500 pieces of work are collected and some of them are master pieces of contemporary artists. This collection is a reflection of the development of the arts history in Taiwan.

The systematic approach to art collections at Art Center is highly recognized by the art circle. Therefore, the number of donations from established artists is on a rapid increase. In April 2006, James Huang donated 125 paintings. In October, Art Center received over 500 calligraphy pieces from Chi-Cheng Chen who passed away. Art Center is currently preparing to publish books for these collections and establishes dedicated spaces for these artists so that their work can create maximum benefits in research and promotion. In order to make the above master pieces known to the world, Art Center has compiled two Archives and is currently working on the third one. Exhibitions are held on a regular basis in different themes. Announcements are made via posters or websites. Please log on to the websites anytime to watch out for the newest exhibitions.
The exhibitions take place in the Exhibition Room of Art Center, on the seventh floor of the Library. Opening hours are from 9 am to 5 pm. The contact telephone is 04-22840449.