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The best in Taiwan

  1. We own the best hydraulic laboratory equipped with various kinds of laser measurement apparatuses and the best data system for scour damage histories of bridge and levee.
  2. We own the best and most complete agricultural land resources information system (TALIS), providing the up-to-date information about the agricultural land resources in the country.
  3. The scientific publications of the Department of Chemistry have been recognized, through nationwide evaluations, as having the highest values of impact indicators for its CPP/FCS (Average citation/international reference) and CPP/JSC (relative to subject category).
  4. Most faculty members in our Graduate Institute of Biotechnology are supported and awarded by National Science Council for their dedication to the Program for Promoting Academic Excellence.
  5. The average age of the professors in the Department of Material Science is the youngest among the same departments in Taiwan.
  6. We own the most advanced facilities for bio-related researches, such as Mass spectrometry-LC-MS, Mass spectrometry-MALDI, X-ray crystallography, NMR 800&600MHz, Flow cytometry, DNA sequencer, Microarray biochips, Real-time quantitative RT-PCR, Analytical ultracentrifuge, Phosphoimager, Centralized walk-in and temperature-controlled growth chambers, Pollen-free and temperature-controlled greenhouse, Liquid Scintillation Counter.
  7. We own the nation's oldest University Art Center with a bountiful collection of outstanding Chinese and foreign articles of art. (Established in 1988, and has collected near 500 articles of various works of art)
  8. Our Hui Sun Forest Station is the most natural and very original forest recreation area, our Wen Shan Forest Station has the largest woods coverage and our Shin Hua Forest Station is the most helpful forest station to the health of the neighboring residents.