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Recreational Activities

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The campus does not only serve as an environment for students to pursue knowledge but also a cradle to nurture talents for the society. Extracurricular activities are the soil for students to grow and develop. It is an essential part of the university life. They are more than mere entertainments after classes. They have many positive effects to the development of personal attributes.
Division of Extracurricular Activities provides 123 clubs for students.

These club activities can be learning, volunteer services, friendship building, sports, entertainment, student autonomy and a combination of the previous types. These activities develop senses and sensibilities. They aim to educate students in ethics, knowledge, health, social life and aesthetics.

Over the past years, the students at NCHU have had outstanding performances in all kind of activities and competitions on NCHU campus and outside the school. Their impressive performances help NCHU promote its profile and allow the society to witness the dynamics and energies of NCHU students. Student clubs are the source of all these extracurricular activities. A large variety of club activities are a necessary part of a robust education process in universities nowadays.

They make up where traditional professional education is lacking and assist students to develop independence, maturity and all-roundness.
Division of Extracurricular Activities is situated on the second floor of Student Activity Center. This is where senior classmates call “Round Hall Second Floor”. “Round Hall” is a multi-function building that meets all kind of daily life demands from both professors and students.
“Round Hall” is the center of club activities. “Round Hall”, Old Auditorium nearby and the compartment rooms associated are where the actions take place. We welcome all the students to Division of Extracurricular Activities, to experience our warm and friendly services. We believe that you will have unexpected rewards.

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