The iEGG Center had been held the Avian Model Systems 9: A New Integrative Platform at March 28-31, 2016 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Latest update:08/01/2015


        Chicken is one of the important biological resources in agriculture. After 8,000 years domestication and artificial selection, the original jungle fowls demonstrated rich genetic diversity, such as the fast growing broilers, the reproduction efficient egg-layers, and many morphologically unique observatory strains. These characteristics have made chicken an important biological research topic, much more than an animal protein source. The publication of the first draft of chicken whole-genome sequences in December 2004 has initiated a new direction of research by combining knowledges and expertises of different areas of studies to extend and deepen our understanding of nature.

        National Chung Hsing University has preserved thirteen native chickens lines, and four long-term selected chicken strains (ranging from 22 to 30 generations). Over the past three decades, these test flocks were used in more than 50 published research papers. In the“ Dialogues with the Masters” March 2009, Academician Cheng-Ming Chuong proposed to establish a research center so as to joint efforts of people from developmental biology, evolutionary biology, bioinformatics, poultry genetic breeding and other disciplines to study the abundant avian biodiversity collections unique to Chung Hsing University.  With the support from Academician Cheng-Ming Chuong we chartered the" integrative Evolutionary Galliform Genomics (iEGG)” research center at National Chung Hsing University in 2013. 

        Currently, the iEGG center serves as a platform for persons who want to use birds as animal model to share of resources, to exchange information and experiences, and to initiate cooperation.  In the mean time, the biodiversity preservation core is strengthening its stock exchange program with France (INRA), United States (UC Davis), Thailand (Kasetsart Univ.), Vietnam (Institute of Agricultural Sciences) and other countries to establish the world's most abundant genetic resources conservation center.





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