Physical Chemistry



1.          B. S., National Chung Hsing University (1979)

2.          Ph. D., Arizona State University (1987)

3.          Associate Professor , National Chung Hsing University (1987~)


單一態 (1Δ g) 氧分子在生命現象及光化學反應中扮演著極重要的角色,例如在光劑 (Phototherapy)治療癌症上,它的產量及生命期長短關係著治療的成效。單一態是氧分子最低能量的電子激發態。產生單一態氧分子需要靠敏化劑(Sensitizer)充當能量傳遞者,敏化劑接受光能後,傳遞能量給氧分子而激發它。我們主要研究興趣如下:

1.      單一態氧分子在凝相中之光譜。

2.      單一態氧分子在溶劑中之弛豫(relaxation)速率及機構。

3.      敏化劑產生單一態氧分子之效率。



Singlet (1Δ g) oxygen has been the topic of considerable theoretical and experimental interest.  It’s crucial role in life processes as well as the various photoreactions make it an interesting and important subject. For example, the yield and lifetime of singlet oxygen are correlated to the efficiency of photodynamic treatment of cancers.  Photodynamic therapy employs a sensertizer which is activated by the light to produce singlet oxygen. In our research, we focus on the spectroscopy of singlet oxygen in solvents, the relaxation rates of the singlet oxygen in solvents and the efficiencies of the sensertizers for singlet oxygen generation.

Electron transfer reaction also plays a crucial role in many chemical and biological processes, and it is the key step in natural photosynthesis and solar energy conversion. Our research interests also involve the quantum mechanical expressions for the electron transfer rate in condensed media.


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