Organic Chemistry



1.          B. S., National Taiwan University (1967)

2.          Ph. D., Brown University (1982)

3.          Associate Professor, Providence University (1982-1988)

4.          Professor, Providence University (1989-1992)

5.          Associate Professor, Chung Hsing University (1992-1993)

6.          Professor, Chung Hsing University (1993-)


本實驗室過去幾年開始從事有機分析的研究,主要是以 LC/MS 為工具,探討一系列中藥的微量有機成份分析或指標成分。例如 LC/MS偵測九種中藥細辛藥材來源中有毒物質『馬兜鈴酸』的微量分析另目前進行中的中藥包括柴胡、茯苓、半夏、板藍根等,冀期以後能持續研究中藥中相關的化合物之定性、定量研究。在天然物化學方面,近年來同時進行台灣土肉桂及苦茶子的生理活性成分探討。


Research interests will be focused on the qualification and quantification of bioactive markers from Chinese medicine by LC/MS or LC/MS/MS.  One or two markers for each single drug in Chinese medicine preparations will be quantified simultaneously by LC/MS. Meanwhile, we have been working on the isolation and identification of bioactive components from Taiwan indigenous Cinnamon tree and tea seeds.


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