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Physical Chemistry

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1.         B.S., Department of Chemistry, Tunghai University (2004)

2.         Ph. D., Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University (2010)

3.         Postdoctoral, Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica (2010-2013)

4.         Postdoctoral, Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University(2013-2015)

5.         Assistant Professor, National Chung Hsing University(2015-)

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Our interests focus on investigation of molecular photodissociation dynamics in gas phase. The behaviors of photo-excited molecules, including dissociation pathways and photofragment energy disposals (PED), can be clarified by utilizing laser spectroscopic techniques and electronic structure calculation. We are also interested in developing simple model which can quantitatively predict the PED without the need to construct global potential energy surfaces.

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