The Research and Development group

The Research and Development group

The Research and Development group actively seeks research opportunities and IT projects funded by external sources. Ministry of Education has become the major sponsor for years. The group focuses on planning and executing advanced IT projects, and introducing cutting-edge information technologies to the university. The Research and Development group also supports the infrastructure platforms dedicated for all the academic research organizations in the central Taiwan area. In 1991 NCHU became the TANet regional network center of the central Taiwan. Since then, it has been involved in the deployment and maintenance of regional network backbones, core switches and connections. The group introduces relevant network technologies to the institutes in the central Taiwan area for providing quality Internet services and TANet operations.

  1. Project planning 

  2. Assistance to National Center for High-Performance Computer in the maintenance of TWAREN

  3. Promotions of initiatives from the Ministry of Education and National Center for High-Performance Computer 

  4. Training of instructors for Cisco Networking Academy 

  5. TANet backbone maintenance and ISP peering

  6. Fixed line networks and installations of Gigabit broadband 

  7. LAN DNS server 

  8. News feeds, bbs message forwarding, and system maintenance 

  9. Regular meetings of the management committee and seminars for TCRC 

  10. Maintenance of IPV6 Tunnel Broker

  11. Core switches and routers and their links to other universities

  12. FTP servers and mail relays 

  13. Proxy servers 

  14. Statistics and analysis of LAN traffic flows

  15. Maintenance and updates of information on webpages for TCRC

  16. Prevention of improper information on LANs

  17. Maintenance of TWAREN GigaPOP

  18. Testing and promotion of Access Grid multi-party video conferencing system

  19. Testing and promotions of VoIP, Qos,IPv6 , Multicast and other Internet applications

Name Title Tel Email
Associate Professor
 Yen-Jen Chang
Leader +886422840306 ext. 731
Chong - Cheng Yang  Technical Staff +886422840306 ext. 715
Chung sheng Lu Technical Staff +886422840306 ext. 766
ChingRen Cheng Project Assistant +886422840306 ext. 765
Pei-Chen Tsou Project Assistant +886422840306 ext. 763
Meng-Kun Liu Project Assistant +886422840306 ext. 768