User Services Group

User Services Group

The Users Services Group is responsible for the process of applications from students, faculty and university employees for email accounts, reservation of computer classrooms, technical support in distant learning and relevant issues throughout NCHU.  The group is also responsible for effective management of electricity system and energy conservations of the center.


  1. Tracking and management of service requests 

  2.  Power maintenance and safety management 

  3.  Maintenance of anti-virus systems and mainframes, and handling of virus attacks throughout NCHU 

  4. Support and assistance in Internet instruction activities

  5. Hygiene management of public areas  

  6. Distribution of encrypted electronic identity disks for Score and Grade Reporting System 

  7. Technical support in electronic data and citizen digital certificates 

  8. Users’ accounts for all types of computers

  9. Reserving computer classrooms for instruction purposes 

  10. Shift scheduling and coordination for server rooms 

  11. Maintenance and management of public areas

Name Title Tel Email
Associate Professor
 Chen Chia Chen
Leader +886422840306 ext. 711
Qiu -Tian Hung Technical Staff +886422840306 ext. 726
Wen - Xiang Yan Technical Staff +886422840306 ext. 725
su shen Technical Staff +886422840306 ext. 723
LIANG, JIA-MING  Project Assistant +886422840306 ext. 713